you need to darken the room and position your subject against a black background. Allow enough background area for the number of different exposures you intend to make. When you are using a ground glass camera, mark off on the glass, with grease pencil, the areas where the subject should be for each different exposure. If not using a ground glass camera, make a pencil sketch to help you position the subject. Set up the electronic flash lights so the minimum amount of illumination falls on the background itself. Turn off all room lights and make your first exposure. Then, without advancing the film, move your subject to the next position for the second exposure. Repeat this procedure for each image you want to record on the film.


  1. DSLR is a digital single lens reflex

2.  the camera has a mirror system, and inside the mirror system lets you preview through the viewfinder the same image that is captured on film/sensor

3. the camera and the phone camera are different

4.  the prime lens are the only one that got focal length

5. zoom lenses has a variable focal length

6. the kit lens is a basic lens that comes with a camera body in a “kit.”

7. there is a AF (autofocus) and a MF (manual focus) and they are different focus.

8. ISO (International organization for standards) is a number that describes film’s sensitivity to light.

9. the high ISO value means that the sensor will be MORE sensitive to light, meaning it will take LESS LIGHT to get the right exposure

10.  the ISO speed can now used to described sensitivity of digital sensors in digital cameras

11. you have to choose the correct ISO for your shooting situation. meaning the more available light means lower ISO.

12. the less available light from the ISO means higher ISO

13.  the shutter speed is how long the shutter is open

14. you have to choose the shutter speed based on the situation meaning the higher speed is to capture the fast action

15. the shutter in a camera is half a circle (about 180 degree)

16. shutter speed: 1/60 second

17. the aperture also known as the f-stop

18. fraction: focal length divided by lens diameter

19. the denominator becomes the f-stop number

20. the smaller number actually represents a larger opening

21. fasts lens has bigger maximum for the aperture

22. aperture and depth of field: larger aperture, shallower depth of field

23. depth of field and focal length: longer lenses APPEAR to have a shallower depth of field because they are magnifying the subject.

24. P (Program): camera sets shutter speed and aperture, but you can choose ISO, AF/MF, white balance

25. Tv (Shutter Speed priority): you choose shutter speed, camera chooses appropriate aperture

buying list

Canon EOS 7D DSLR Camera with 18-135mm kit-1,499
Reason: the reason why is that it has over three thousand reviews and maintains
5 stars, I comes with an 18-135 mm lens which can have both shallow, and
wide depths of fields, and comes with a prebuilt flash. And compared to other
cameras who have similar specs its the most evenly priced

Magnus TR-13 Travel Tripod with dual-Action ball Head-74.95
Reason: it has 4.5 star rating, and is a best seller. It has a max height of 62.5
which is good, its minimum height is 16.5 inches.

SanDisk 256gb extreme UHS-I microSDXC memory card with SD Adapter
Reason: It’s on sale, it has 256gb capacity, its micro SD card with an SD adapter
so its far more reasonable to have rather than A micro, or regular SD card

Kingston USB 3.0 high speed media reader-20.49
Reason: it has usb 3.0 which means fast transfers from the sd card. Its a top seller
with a 4.5 stars which is good, its max transfer rate is 5 GB per second.

LoewPro Pro Tactic BP 350 AW II Camera and laptop backpack- 189.95
Reason: it holds a 4.5 star rating and is similar is capacity as the other backpacks
but is less pricey from the others and will do the job

Watson LP-E6NH lithium Ion Battery Pack-59.00
Reason: It’s a top seller, works with the camera I picked out, is only a little more
than another Watson battery with 25% more battery capacity than it.

Canon LC-E6 charger for LP-E6 battery pack-59.95
Reason: it works for and is priced well also is a top seller with a 5 star rating

Dell 15.6 xps 15 multi touch laptop-2,899
Reason- its compact, portable, light, powerful, and is designed for creative work
so photography editing will not be a problem for it

2001 Honda Civic manual- 3,000
Reason: need a way of transportation and this is reliable

Creative cloud plan- 119.88/year
Reason: it includes Lightroom, Lightroom classic, photoshop, and 20 gb of cloud

total cost— 7,946.17
budget after— 42,053.83


why is photography good?

the camera’s are always available for people who wants to be a photography, and its easy to get the lens for the camera and you can try a new medium or style to better suite your style. thanks to the internet photography has blown up, and there is plenty of work to do cause the payment is high with a job. if you have your own business you can manage your own work, work on your time, not be limited of the imagination of someone else which allows you. you can have any sleep, schedule and work is constantly fluctuating between weekdays and weekends.