1. moving car is a perfect subject for motion blur.
  2. you have to Stabilize your camera.
  3. dance is about movement and therefore presents us with opportunity to capture some nice motion blur.
  4. you have to Move yourself and your camera.

Indeed jobs

  1. photographers/sales specialist in Ontario Mills: I am not qualified in their interest because I do not have 1 year in customer service. However I do have photography experience so I do meet the minimum requirements. I also do match what they want in an employee that being a fast pace worker who has communicative skills. This jobs has me photographing guest and handing out gifts and socializing
  2. Photographer/sales associate offered by Summit Portraits, 1-3 years of experience in photography, Quad wants resumes and to see the work you have from before while Summit portraits wants ability to work with or without people.
  3. Photographer for cherished memories photography: I do qualify for this as its photographing children, from elementary to high school students. This job entails moving around from place to place and requires a drivers license

sandy Skoglung

I think of Sandy’s work similar to how I think about Ruffles, they are alright but not my favorite but have much to love about them.  It’s very unique and has a certain taste needed to indulge into the work. Her style being making a room a single dullish color, with a subject. Then adding something that contrast the color adding more depth.